The main objective of IJITET journal is to extend innovation, logical research and quality in knowledge and ideas. AIAIE association has turned out to be a reputed supporter for the research communities. AIAIE association has a wide range of open access journals. This association is working as an independent research body for the apprehension of innovative scientific theories and research practices to overlay the gap between the academicians, researchers and industrial experts. The key objectives of IJITET journal are

  • To hand out knowledge and information among the engineers and scientists in a professional manner.

  • To increase the research significance among scientists by providing them research grants and educating them about the various interdisciplinary skills.

  • To elevate the standards of refereed scientific journals for their excellence.

IJITET is steered by a renowned Board of Directors, Researchers and Academicians and it is supported by an international review board consisting of outstanding individuals exclusively from many recognized universities, colleges, and corporate world.

Engineering tasks faces tremendous complications that include the need for high-priced equipments such as software tools, simulators that are used in short time projects, the demand for globalization and division of labours. It is more and more necessary to permit and manage the shared use of engineering resources to solve all the above issues. Thus IJITET organizes international conferences, seminars and publishes journal volumes that shares knowledge about various innovations in the field of engineering technologies. We also recognize outstanding involvement of any individual or organization.